latest git xserver without hal causes Hotplugging to be a bit tricky

Justin Mattock justinmattock at
Fri Nov 26 20:24:31 PST 2010

Not sure how to really handle this here(maybe I missed something), but
under xorg.conf
I see:
[   280.713] (**) ModulePath set to "/usr/lib/xorg/modules"
[   280.713] (WW) Hotplugging is on, devices using drivers 'kbd',
'mouse' or 'vmmouse' will be disabled.
[   280.713] (WW) Disabling Mouse0
[   280.713] (WW) Disabling Keyboard0
[   280.713] (II) Loader magic: 0x7c9900
[   280.713] (II) Module ABI versions:
[   280.713] 	X.Org ANSI C Emulation: 0.4

startx works but I've no mouse or keyboard..
(HAL is not installed)

if I

Section "ServerFlags"
	Option "AutoAddDevices" "False"

startx gets me a blank screen.

is there a new option that I need to add to xorg.conf in order to startx
and have radeon work right as well as the mouse and keyboard?
or is this dependant on hal and/or device manager?
(machine is a macbook pro)

Justin P. Mattock

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