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Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Fri Nov 26 12:37:02 PST 2010

Matthew Garrett wrote:
> The lack of documentation for various aspects of the server doesn't help 
> either. I found X development far more intimidating than getting 
> involved in the kernel.

That is something we know we've been lacking for a long time, and have been
working to correct.   So far most of the efforts have been around getting the
docs to a place where people can edit them and then have the toolchain around
to see the html/pdf/etc. output.   (Matt & Gaetan have made amazing progress
here over the last year after years of the rest of us talking about it, though
most of that is around client library & protocol level documentation, since
that's where the bulk of our existing documentation is, and not so much
server/driver side.)

For Xorg 1.9, I got the server internals docs in-tree and building with the
standardish xmlto tools - now comes the hard part of getting them up-to-date
again and having useful contents.

The X.Org Board has recently approved Bart's proposal to set aside a few days
before the 2011 X Developer Conference for a "book sprint" to produce
documentation for developers and hopefully we'll be able to build upon the
existing docs, Matt's Summer of Code KMS docs, and Stephane's draft driver
writing guide to actually have some good docs for people.

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