Respository vandalism by root at ...fd.o

Dave Airlie airlied at
Tue Nov 23 22:20:13 PST 2010

>> Thanks Adam,
>> Because of my unfamiliarity with the people involved with xorg, can anybody
>> verify the claim Adam made?
>> If it was just a misplaced competition effort, I can continue to rely on the
>> xorg code.
>> Also, if it turns out to be a validated claim Adam made, accept it as is and
>> continue. Hopefully Adam has learned his lesson. But also
>> should have it's act together. Do check the access rights and allow only
>> trusted persons root access. Hopefully Adam was NOT one of them they trusted
>> explicitly and he has only access due to historical reasons.
> Yes, and not sure about the rest. Freedesktop isn't some sort of paid
> organisation here, you have a group of volunteers running some
> machines tied together with a lot of bailing twine. It only recently
> through the good graces of Collabora that fd.o got some paid
> administration time directed at it at all (Tollef). Like we could
> migrate all the stuff to machines that control but we'd end up
> with the same problems + another set of problems.
> Adam still does a lot of a/c maintenance for and other projects,
> these will now be have to be done by part-time admin which means even
> longer delays on new a/cs. There is a major fd.o overhaul in the works
> and maybe Tollef can provide some insight into it when he has time.

I forgot to cc Tollef of course, and gmail sucks at forward/bouncing.


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