Any plan to promote coordinats to 32 bits?

Rémi Cardona remi at
Tue Nov 23 15:25:36 PST 2010

Le 23/11/2010 17:22, Alan Coopersmith a écrit :
> Several?  I've yet to see many common monitors larger than 2560 pixels,
> so that's still 14 screens wide/high.

Yes this is research, yes we won't have that on our wrist watches any
time soon...

But! InSitu's (virtual) wall is already 20480x6400 which is less than an
order of magnitude away from the 16bit limit. The next research team
that does this sort of insane setup will probably blow the limit.

And we did have an X running on that (using metisse), fully capable of
using the entire screen real estate.

Food for thoughts :)


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