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Hi again :)

Under my ubuntu 10.04 (Xorg server = 1.7.6) live CD, i have a full
screen (1280x1024) flash application witch communicate with a java
server. (with Stand-alone adobe flash player)
In this application, if I increase rapidly manually (by clicking a
button with touch screen), when I stop, the counter is increased for a
few seconds.

I have also a 'donnuts" test bench (only a donnuts picture moved from
one corner to others).

When I use this test with maximized window, the result is 16 rpm.
(same result with a 'small window').
When I do it full screen, the result is 8 rpm :(
Only a few more pixels used.

I use all I can do in order to increase this value, with adobe (I know,
but it is mandatory for the application) parameters, last intel video
drivers ...

Apparently, the best way to increase this bad rpm value is to use
material acceleration.
How can I do that?

Or is there any better / orther way?





Nothing more...
But i hear about a generic video driver project using material acceleration.
Does any body know what it is about, and where I can test any result?


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