Pointing device acting as joystick

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Wed Nov 10 12:02:18 PST 2010

On Tue, 9 Nov 2010, Peter Hutterer wrote:

>> 	Hmm.  So, after examining the evtest data more carefully, I'm
>> wondering about the absolute->relative conversion.  For example,
>> here's a grep of the relevant events:


>> 	So, it seems to me that when the value increases, the pointer moves
>> right, but when the value decreases, it moves left.  What I'd like
>> to see is for the pointer to move right while the value is positive,
>> and left while it's negative.  Is there an option for that?
> no, not really. we treat the axis values as-is and don't modify them much.
> even if you switch the device to relative mode you might get some better use
> of it, but it'll be pretty unpredictable once pointer acceleration comes in.

 	Interesting.  I'm pretty sure that with the last version of xorg I was 
using, it worked much more like a mouse (I think probably like I suggested 
above); I recall I had to turn off pointer acceleration, because that was 
causing problems.  The reason I don't go back to that is that (IIRC), it 
didn't support all the extra axes that I wanted.  This may've been pre-XInput2 
or something.

 	Versions on my previous setup:

 	Versions on my current setup:


 	Peter has indicated privately that he'd be happy for someone to 
implement this, but he doesn't have the time himself.  I'm not sure I will 
either, but if it looks like you will, let me know, just to ensure we're not 
both working on it.


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