XI2 keycodes and keysyms

Christoph Schied Christoph.Schied at uni-ulm.de
Sat Nov 6 14:07:49 PDT 2010

Dear Xorg lists,

in my previous question I asked which library I should use for as raw
mouse input as possible and got pointed to XI2.
As it turned out, I have to use XI2 for the keyboard input as well.
I'm porting a piece of code which currently uses something like this:

	static char buf[64];
	XKeyEvent *ev;
	KeySym keysym = XLookupKeysym (ev, 0);
	XLookupString(ev, buf, sizeof (buf), &keysym, 0);

Assuming that those functions are deprecated in XI2 (as I don't have a
XKeyEvent), how would I get the same functionality using XI2? 


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