Touchpad toggle mess

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Sat Nov 6 08:30:31 PDT 2010

Hello Bastien,

Bastien Nocera [2010-11-05  0:00 +0000]:
> The patches in
> implement this for the kernel, and for
> Then we have the problem that udev's keymaps seem to use different
> function keys depending on the hardware [1], when (because of the
> limitations of XKB) standardised on F22 for "XF86TouchpadToggle".

Thanks for bringing this up, indeed there's some cleanup in order

> So we'll need to standardise on the keys used. I selected F21 for
> XF86TouchpadToggle, F22 for XF86TouchpadOn and F23 for XF86TouchpadOff.
> See the patch in:
> The remaining fixes would need to be in udev's keymaps, to set hardware
> handled keys to F22 and F23, and software ones to F21. Patch is attached
> for that.

Indeed the maps which don't currently use f22 should be fixed,
regardless of what happens in X/kernel/userspace. My main concern is
that F22 has acted as touchpad toggle key for years (many of those
were imported from hal-info originally), so if we change everything to
f21 now without updating userspace (things like gnome-settings-daemon)
in lockstep, then we break existing functionality. 

It would look slightly weird, but perhaps it might be better to keep
using F22 for toggling, and F1->on, F23->off?


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