announcing xdriverprobe

Paulo Zanoni przanoni at
Thu Nov 4 10:12:56 PDT 2010

Hello guys

Some time ago I was discussing with Vignatti and Ander the possibility
of writing a small app that does dlopen() on the video drivers and
prints the supported devices. Even if that doesn't seem much useful, I
decided it would be a fun "programming exercise" that would teach me
something about video drivers. So, in case anyone is interested, here
it is:

There are two main purposes for this program:
- to check if any of the devices present in your machine are supported
by the Xorg video drivers
- to print a list of PCI ids supported by each Xorg video driver

You can tell it to look for a specific driver and you can also pass a
different place to look for the video drivers.

Main use cases:
"xdriverprobe": prints the names of the drivers that support your video cards
and the device id and vendor id of the supported devices
"xdriverprobe -a": prints a list of supported devices for each video driver
"xdriverprobe -h": lists the other options

The project was not tested with a wide range of
machines/distributions, so there's a big chance that you'll get an
"Undefined symbol" when you run it. If you do, please report it to me
that I'll try to fix. I tried to add the smallest amount of symbols I

For more information, please check the README file.

If anyone is interested in using this project please tell me, so we
can consider keeping it up-to-date.


Paulo R. Zanoni

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