[ANNOUNCE] xproto 7.0.19

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Nov 3 00:13:57 PDT 2010

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This package provides the headers and specification documents defining
the X Window System Core Protocol, Version 11.

It also includes a number of headers that aren't purely protocol related,
but are depended upon by many other X Window System packages to provide
common definitions and porting layer.

No code nor headers were changed in this release - this solely consists
of the move of the X11 Protocol specification from xorg-docs to this
module, and it's conversion from troff to DocBook XML by Matt Dew
(with some followup markup massaging by yours truly).  There is of course
still room for improvement as there are over a hundred pages to be proofread
 - patches accepted if you see ways to make the output better.

The standard xorg-macros options are provided in configure to control
the generation of text, html, postscript, and/or pdf versions of the
documents from the XML sources, via the xmlto frontend and it's associated
backends such as fop.

Alan Coopersmith (8):
      specs: Fix authorship section
      specs: Convert .IN troff tags to <indexterm> DocBook Tags
      specs: Convert troff ``quotes'' to DocBook <quote>quotes</quote>
      specs: Restore missing indexterms for request, type, error & event definitions
      specs: Move indexterms out of glossdef tags
      specs: Fix nesting of chapters included in sect1-9.xml
      README: Provide a small description
      xproto 7.0.19

Matt Dew (1):
      specs: convert protocol .ms from xorg-docs to DocBook XML

git tag: xproto-7.0.19

MD5:  700f8663c23713c2a81a6038a7d358f0
SHA1: c080da482474dd422cb90b52202bd616cf0854e1

MD5:  bbf7c5ac9a4c501fb25326481c0c8e81
SHA1: 4843ccb3ecf4f9e2b77c3605be0e592b1139deb0

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