Xorg config question (missing xorg.conf)

Phil Savoie psavoie1783 at rogers.com
Tue Nov 2 05:57:37 PDT 2010

Hi All,

Pardon me if this has been asked and answered but this is my situation. 
  On install of my optiplex gx210L with an intel915 chipset for the 
video driver, RH 5.4 install chose the intel driver which gave me a 
black screen and unresponsive computer.  After rebooting in single user 
mode I was able to vi the xorg.conf file and change the device to i810 
which works.

Now I have inadvertently deleted my xorg.conf file and rebooted yet 
video still works fine as if the xorg.conf file was still in place.

I understand that xorg will probe the device in the absence of an 
xorg.conf file and use the most appropriate driver.  But... what did it 
choose?  Why did it not choose the intel driver as on initial install? I 
would have expected another black screen, like on initial install.

Thanks in advance,


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