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<font size="+1"><font face="Arial">Thanks Sergio. It works great.</font></font><br>
Sergio Monteiro Basto wrote:
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drm, Mesa and drv-intel have to be some versions or DRIScreenInit
failed. could happen 
on case of drv-intel , should stay by release versions 
libdrm 2.3.0  and Mesa 7.0.1 , especially if you use Release 1.3 
Funny but works great.<br>
I have a redundant OS partition where I tried carefully to upgrade one
step at a time. At some point I was convinced I did something wrong
with config files because it seemed as the upgrade I did on the
secondary OS partition was going well while staying with mesa 6.5.2-r1.
When I was at the point of simple upgrade to some KDE apps I stopped
going that slow and eventually I lost the direct rendering
capabilities. Upgrade to mesa solved the problem. I was happy to find
that the driver xf86-video-i810-2.1.0 is working fine after all (it
solved resolution problem and crt output problem when in dual display).<br>
Below a list of apps I installed after the last time direct rendering
worked. I wonder why any of those could ruin direct rendering.<br>
unmerge kde-base/kdemultimedia-arts-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/kdemultimedia-arts-3.5.7<br>
emerge media-libs/libsndfile-1.0.17-r1<br>
unmerge kde-base/kmix-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/kmix-3.5.7<br>
emerge kde-base/kcalc-3.5.7<br>
emerge kde-misc/krusader-1.70.1<br>
unmerge media-video/kplayer-0.5.3<br>
emerge media-video/kplayer-0.6.2<br>
emerge app-portage/kuroo-0.80.2-r1<br>
unmerge kde-base/krec-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/krec-3.5.7<br>
emerge media-sound/audacity-1.3.2-r1<br>
unmerge kde-base/libkdegames-3.5.1<br>
emerge kde-base/libkdegames-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/libkdenetwork-3.5.0<br>
emerge kde-base/libkdenetwork-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/ktnef-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/ktnef-3.5.7<br>
unmerge net-misc/smb4k-0.6.10<br>
emerge net-misc/smb4k-0.8.1<br>
unmerge app-cdr/k3b-0.12.8<br>
emerge app-cdr/k3b-0.12.17<br>
emerge net-misc/kssh-0.7<br>
emerge net-p2p/kmldonkey-0.10.1<br>
unmerge net-irc/konversation-0.18<br>
emerge net-irc/konversation-1.0.1-r3<br>
unmerge kde-base/kruler-3.5.5<br>
emerge kde-base/kruler-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/kuickshow-3.5.0<br>
emerge kde-base/kuickshow-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/kolourpaint-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/kolourpaint-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/ksnapshot-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/ksnapshot-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/certmanager-3.5.2-r1<br>
emerge kde-base/certmanager-3.5.7-r1<br>
unmerge kde-base/libkcal-3.5.2-r1<br>
emerge kde-base/libkcal-3.5.7-r1<br>
emerge dev-db/kpogre-1.5.2<br>
unmerge kde-base/kpat-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/kpat-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/libkdepim-3.5.2-r1<br>
emerge kde-base/libkdepim-3.5.7-r1<br>
unmerge kde-base/libkpimidentities-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/libkpimidentities-3.5.7<br>
unmerge kde-base/kontact-3.5.2<br>
emerge kde-base/kontact-3.5.7-r1<br>
unmerge app-text/poppler-0.5.4-r2<br>
emerge app-text/poppler-0.5.4-r2<br>
unmerge app-text/poppler-bindings-0.5.1-r1<br>
emerge app-text/poppler-bindings-0.5.4<br>
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