[ANNOUNCE] xwayland

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Wed Apr 17 08:24:52 UTC 2024

As per the schedule, I am pleased to announce Xwayland, the
first release candidate of the upcoming standalone Xwayland 24.1.0 release
(or Xwayland 24.1.0 rc1 for short).

Some notable changes since Xwayland 23.2 was first released include:

    - Support for explicit GPU synchronization
    - GLAMOR optimizations and improvements
    - Xwayland rootful improvements
    - EGLStream support was dropped

Testing of this release candidate would be greatly appreciated.

Please report any issues at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/-/issues

The second release candidate is scheduled in two weeks from now.

The following shortlogs include all changes since the xwayland-23.2 branch
was first created, not all of those changes are relevant to Xwayland though:

Adam Jackson (2):
       glamor: Lift the GLX EGL backend from Xwayland
       glamor/glxprov: Stop exposing non-db(-capable) configs

Alan Coopersmith (11):
       Revert "Compile lnx_platform.c on FreeBSD too."
       os: Assume all supported non-WIN32 platforms have seteuid & saved_ids
       unifdef apollo
       unifdef SUNSYSV
       bsd_init.c: fix build on FreeBSD
       Xext: SProcSyncCreateFence needs to swap drawable id too
       Xserver.man: Note that -byteswappedclients is the default in this release
       xorg.conf.man: Add missing new paragraph mark before AllowByteSwappedClients
       Xi: ProcXIGetSelectedEvents needs to use unswapped length to send reply
       Xi: ProcXIPassiveGrabDevice needs to use unswapped length to send reply
       Xquartz: ProcAppleDRICreatePixmap needs to use unswapped length to send reply

Alex Richardson (1):
       record: Support architectures with sizeof(void*) > sizeof(long)

Alexander Volkov (2):
       ephyr: Send RRCrtcChangeNotify events on resize
       dpms: Add support for DPMSInfoNotify event from DPMS 1.2 (xorgproto)

Alexey (1):
       Fixed mirrored glyphs on big-endian machines

Austin Shafer (1):
       Compile lnx_platform.c on FreeBSD too.

Balló György (2):
       glamor: Don't require EXT_gpu_shader4 unconditionally
       glamor: Fallback to software rendering on GLSL link failure

Chia-Lin Kao (AceLan) (1):
       hw/xfree86: re-calculate the clock and refresh rate

Dongwon Kim (1):
       modesetting: Correct coordinate info of dirty clips for front-buffer flushing

Enrico Weigelt (1):
       include: move BUG_*() macros to separate header

Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult (134):
       replace _X_INLINE by inline in internal static functions
       xkb: drop defining XKBSRV_NEED_FILE_FUNCS
       hw: xwayland: fix build if neither gbm nor eglstream available
       fix: unused readIntVec()
       drop remains of support for old Sun compilers
       xfree86: drop remains of old USL compiler
       include: os: fix return value of OsLookupColor()
       os: oscolor: fix BuiltinColor field naming
       os: color: fix possible buffer overflow vulnerability
       os: move rpcauth prototypes to separate header
       os: move xdmcp prototypes to separate header
       os: move xdmauth prototypes to separate header
       os: move mitauth prototypes to separate header
       os: move Auth* function types to separate header
       randr: move private definitons from randrstr.h to randrstr_priv.h
       glx: move private definitions from vndserver.h to vndserver_priv.h
       xkb: fix int size mismatch
       modesetting: fix int size mismatch
       xwayland: fix int size mismatch
       dix: unexport party_like_its_1989 (retro mode)
       factor out X_REGISTRY_RESOURCE and X_REGISTRY_REQUEST to meson.build
       dix: dixutils: make workQueue pointer dix-private
       os: consolidate busfault handling
       dix: unexport and move maxBigRequestSize
       ci: move merge-request check into separate stage
       dbe: drop obsolete NEED_DBE_PROTOCOL
       os: drop unused GetAccessControl()
       os: unexport TimerInit() and TimerForce()
       xfree86: drop unneeded wrapper xf86PrivsElevated()
       os: move alloc functions to separate source file
       os: move string functions to separate source file
       xfree86: common: move non-exported funcs from dgaproc.h to separate header
       glamor: glamor_debug.h: drop unused AbortServer() declaration
       xkb: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT from .c source
       glamor: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT from .c source
       xace: drop duplicate export of XaceHooks from .c source
       Xi: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT from .c source
       randr: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT from .c source
       miext: sync: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT from .c sources
       dix: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT
       xwayland: drop duplicate _X_EXPORT
       xfree86: parser: drop HAS_NO_UIDS
       include: drop unused including of closure.h
       include: drop closestr.h from public module API
       composite: move out unexported CompositeIsImplicitRedirectException()
       render: drop obsolete macros pict_f_transform and pict_f_vector
       render: move private definitions out of picturestr.h
       render: move private definitions out of public glyphstr.h
       miext: move private definitions out of public headers
       os: utils: drop obsolete System() on non-win32 targets
       os: fix unused variable on non-IPv6 build
       os: fix unused variable on WIN32 build
       os: fix mising prototype / include on WIN32 builds
       xwin: fix unused variables
       xwin: winclipboard: fix missing prototypes / missing include
       xwin: fix possibly missing string termination
       xwin: fix missing prototype for winValidateArgs()
       xwin: replace ZeroMemory()
       xwin: winsock.h needs to be included earlier
       os: simplify win32 uname()
       consolidate MITSHM and HAS_SHM symbols
       include: move xsha1.h to os/
       os: drop unneeded DDXOSVERRORF conditional
       dix: unexport registry setup/teardown functions
       dix: unexport RegisterResourceName() and LookupResourceName()
       dix: unexport extension registry functions
       dix: unexport XREGISTRY_UNKNOWN define
       include: unexport registry.h
       include: drop obsolete registry.h
       dix: unexport AddScreen() and AddGPUScreen()
       dix: unexport RemoveGPUScreen()
       dix: unexport AttachUnboundGPU() and DetachUnboundGPU()
       dix: unexport AttachOutputGPU() and DetachOutputGPU()
       dix: unexport AttachOffloadGPU() and DetachOffloadGPU()
       drop remains of DMX
       dix: unexport workqueue functions
       os: unexport AutoResetServer()
       mi: drop some dead code
       os: fix missing X11/Xdefs.h include in os/osdep.h
       os: move os_move_fd() out of public API
       os: unexport Fopen(), Fclose(), Popen(), Pclose(), System()
       dix: unexport global variables
       os: move out Format*() functions
       include: dont install glx_extinit.h
       dix: move non-exported ptrveloc functions to separate header
       dix: unexport InitVelocityData()
       dix: unexport InitTrackers()
       dix: unexport ProcessVelocityData2D()
       dix: unexport BasicComputeAcceleration()
       dix: unexport FreeVelocityData()
       dix: unexport SetAccelerationProfile()
       dix: unexport eventconvert.h functions
       include: unexport xserver_poll.h
       dix: unexport callback manager init / teardown functions
       xnest: drop superfluous xnestCursorScreenKey define
       xnest: fix naming of xnestCursorScreenKeyRec
       xnest: use own dev-privates key for per-screen cursor
       xfree86: use own dev-privates key for per-screen cursor
       dix: drop now obsolete cursorScreenDevPriv
       dix: unexport CloseDownClient()
       xfree86: os-support: drop unused NO_OSLIB_PROTOTYPES guard
       xfree86: os-support: drop unused xf86SerialSendBreak()
       Fix missing includes of <errno.h>
       Fix missing include of <sys/wait.h>
       include: add comment on _XSERVER64 define
       xfree86: os-support: drop obsolete Solaris specific LED defines
       xfree86: os-support: ppc_video: drop unused DEV_MEM define
       xwin: consolidate debugging symbols
       Xext: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       os: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       xquartz: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       xwayland: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       xfree86: common: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       xfree86: os-support: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       xfree86: modesettig: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       xfree86: int10: fix missing include of <errno.h>
       os: rpc: fix type mismatch
       meson.build: move manpage specific stuff to man/ subdir
       test: simple-xinit: add _X_NORETURN
       test: xi2: drop unused variable
       os: move SELinux enforcement state to the extension
       include: unpexport SELINUX_* consts from include/global.h
       config: wscons: use asprintf() instead of deprecated Xprintf()
       test: fix deprecated meson calls
       config: wscons: fix warning on discarded const
       xfree86: modesetting: fix warning on unused variable
       test: fix FTBS on missing xlib includes on NetBSD
       config: fix wscons backend on NetBSD
       xkb: make XkbUpdateKeyTypesFromCore() static
       xkb: drop unused defines
       xkb: drop never used XkmProbe()
       include: xkbstr.h: fix missing include of Xdefs.h
       xkb: drop ununsed XkbNameMatchesPattern()
       xfree86: os-support: bsd: fix warning on old-style function definition

Erik Kurzinger (11):
       xwayland: correctly report PresentCompleteModeCopy
       xwayland: add detection for drivers that don't support implicit sync
       Update CI for Xwayland explicit sync
       DRI3: provide stub implementation of DRI3SetDRMDeviceInUse
       DRI3: add DRI3ImportSyncobj and DRI3FreeSyncobj
       xwayland: add functions to import and export dma-buf implicit fences
       xwayland: re-compute target msc during xwl_present_re_execute
       Present: add PresentCapabilitySyncobj and PresentPixmapSynced
       xwayland: support DRI3 1.4 and Present 1.4
       xwayland: add support for wp_linux_drm_syncobj_v1
       xwayland: don't scrap pending present requests

Florian Weimer (1):
       xwayland: Use correct pointer types on i386

Gleb Popov (2):
       Implement -novtswitch option handling for FreeBSD.
       The framebuffer driver on FreeBSD is called scfb, use it.

Ilya Pominov (1):
       RandR: Allow duplicate monitor name when adding it

Izumi Tsutsui (2):
       Revert "xfree86: Remove -flippixels"
       fb: Fix 1bpp Xservers on "whitePixel=0, blackPixel=1" VRAMs

Jan Beich (3):
       os: Use LOCAL_PEERCRED to determine local client PID on FreeBSD
       os: Use KERN_PROC_ARGS to determine client command on DragonFly and FreeBSD
       xwayland: avoid Linux-only headers on non-Linux

Jeffy Chen (1):
       glamor: xv: Fix invalid accessing of plane attributes for NV12

John Kennedy (2):
       Extented 'arm' case to 'aarch64' on BSD.
       Enable USE_DEV_IO on FreeBSD/aarch64

José Expósito (5):
       test: Use Xwayland instead of wayland/weston-info
       test: Xwayland doesn't start when another X server is running
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: Set GBM_BO_USE_LINEAR if only LINEAR modifier is supported
       Xi: do not keep linked list pointer during recursion
       ephyr: Fix incompatible pointer type build error

Kenny Levinsen (4):
       xwayland: Commit after acknowledging configure
       xwayland: Make xwl_window_libdecor_resize reusable
       xwayland: Apply root toplevel configure dimensions
       xwayland: Default geometry for undecorated rootful

Konstantin (20):
       glamor: fixes GL_INVALID_ENUM errors on ES if there is no quads
       glamor: add gl_PointSize for ES shaders
       glamor: require GLES 2.0 on GL ES CI
       tests: enable CI for both GLES2 and GLES3 variants
       glamor: mark tests fixed by this PR
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: use GBM_FORMAT_ARGB8888 for 24-bit on ES
       glamor_egl: add helper functions for contexts
       glamor_egl: add RenderingAPI option
       glamor_egl: add info message about context API
       xorg.conf.man: document new RenderingAPI option
       hw/Xwayland: add xwl_glamor_mode_flags enum
       Xwayland: add "glamor" command line option
       Xwayland: document new "glamor" option
       Xwayland: add new "have_glamor_api" pkgconfig
       glamor_egl: add support of GlxVendorLibrary option
       Revert "glamor/glxprov: Stop exposing non-db(-capable) configs"
       glamor: xv: do not force a version on XV shaders
       glamor: xv: reuse ports and shaders when possible
       glamor: xv: prepare to one-plane formats
       glamor: xv: enable UYVY acceleration

Konstantin Pugin (5):
       glamor: support GLES3 shaders
       glamor: accelerate incomplete textures for GL ES
       glamor: add glvnd_vendor private
       xorg: initialize glamor provider
       Xephyr: use glamor glx provider

Luke Dashjr (1):
       Xvfb: Support up to 13 mouse buttons

Matthieu Herrb (6):
       Fix build on OpenBSD.
       Add full prototypes in hw/xfree86/os-support/bsd/bsd-video.c
       xfree86/bsd: fix build on NetBSD/amd64.
       OpenBSD build fix: struct ucred is struct sockpeercred there
       bsd_init.c: fix build on OpenBSD
       Fix build with -Dxdmcp=false

Michael Wyraz (1):
       Removing the code that deletes an existing monitor in RRMonitorAdd

Michel Dänzer (63):
       glamor: Add and use glamor_drawable_effective_depth helper
       mi: Fix up alpha channel if needed in miPaintWindow
       glamor: Make glamor_solid_boxes take a DrawablePtr
       xwayland/glamor: Avoid implicit redirection with depth 32 parent windows
       glamor: Ignore destination alpha as necessary for composite operation
       xwayland/present: Handle NULL window_priv in xwl_present_cleanup
       test: Wait only up to 5 seconds for weston to start up
       test: Kill weston whenever shell exits
       test: Propagate Xwayland stdout/stderr output and exit status
       test: Skip Xwayland test early if PIGLIT_DIR / XTEST_DIR isn't set
       ci: Prevent duplicate pipelines for MRs
       glamor: Don't override source alpha to 1.0 if it's used for blending
       xwayland: Make copy_pixmap_area return void
       xwayland: Rename helper to xwl_window_buffer_maybe_dispose
       xwayland: Drop xwl_window_buffers_recycle
       xwayland: Use window pixmap as a window buffer
       xwayland: Return NULL from xwl_window_buffer_get_available
       glamor: Make glamor_set_alu take a DrawablePtr
       glamor: Fall back for mixed depth 24/32 in glamor_set_alu
       xwayland: Destroy old window pixmap in xwl_window_recycle_pixmap
       xwayland: Update screen pixmap for root window in xwl_window_set_pixmap
       xwayland/present: Update screen pixmap in xwl_present_execute
       xwayland: Initialize Present extension support also with rootful
       xwayland: Handle NULL xwl_pixmap in xwl_shm_pixmap_get_wl_buffer
       xwayland: Add xwl_pixmap_get_wl_buffer helper
       xwayland: Enable Present extension support also without glamor
       ci: Create check-merge-request job only in MR pipelines
       Revert "ci: move merge-request check into separate stage"
       xwayland: Use border width in xwl_glamor_gbm_create_pixmap_for_window
       xwayland: Do not plumb damage region through function parameters
       xwayland: Call xwl_window_buffer_add_damage_region from damage_report
       xwayland: Rename xwl_window_recycle_pixmap to xwl_window_realloc_pixmap
       xwayland: Refactor xwl_window_swap_pixmap out of _buffers_get_pixmap
       xwayland: Re-use xwl_window_realloc_pixmap in xwl_window_swap_pixmap
       xwayland: Replace window pixmap as needed for drawing operation
       xwayland/present: Handle clearing damage after flip in xwl_present_execute
       ci: Make test stage jobs not depend on earlier stage jobs
       xwayland: Use xwl_window for tracking focus/touch
       xwayland: Rename xwl_window::window to ::toplevel
       xwayland: Return struct xwl_window * from ensure_surface_for_window
       xwayland: Call register_damage depending on ensure_surface_for_window
       xwayland: Use xwl_window for damage closure
       xwayland: Pass xwl_window to xwl_glamor_dri3_syncobj_passthrough
       xwayland: Add xwl_window::surface_window
       xwayland: Use ConfigNotify screen hook instead of ResizeWindow
       xwayland/present: Add xwl_present_maybe_(un)redirect_window
       xwayland: Add SourceValidate hook
       xwayland/present: Check window & source pixmap depth match last
       xwayland/present: Redirect surface window as needed for page flips
       xwayland: Call drmFreeDevice for dma-buf default feedback
       xwayland: Use drmDevicesEqual in xwl_dmabuf_feedback_tranche_done
       dri3: Free formats in cache_formats_and_modifiers
       Drop Xquartz DDX
       Drop Xnest DDX
       Drop Xwin DDX and x86 MinGW-w64 cross build
       Drop Xorg DDX
       Drop Xephyr / kdrive DDX
       Drop config directory
       Drop EXA code
       Drop miext/shadow directory
       meson: Build Xwayland unconditionally
       Don't install Xvfb
       meson: Change project name to xwayland

Moritz Bruder (1):
       fbdevhw: Support symbolic links in fbdev_open

Niclas Zeising (1):
       Extend Linux #ifdef to FreeBSD OS.

Olivier Fourdan (95):
       Revert "xwayland/glamor: Avoid implicit redirection with depth 32 parent windows"
       xwayland: Move attach buffer out of post damage
       xwayland: Use the screen width/height for libdecor state
       xwayland: Move the libdecor resize to its own function
       xwayland: attach new buffer from libdecor handlers
       xwayland: Add configuration to libdecor update size
       xwayland: Use update size from libdecor configure handler
       xwayland: Set min/max size for rootful with lidecor
       xwayland: Make fullscreen used a fixed size
       xtest: Check whether there is a sendEventsProc to call
       xwayland: Add an option to enable EI portal support
       xwayland: Give up on EI on setup failure
       xwayland: Cancel the EI disconnect timer when freed
       xwayland: Add xwl_output to the Xwayland types
       xwayland: Add a helper function to update fullscreen
       xwayland: Update the fullscreen window on output change
       xwayland: Do not resize when running fullscreen
       build: Allow for custom server config directory
       xwayland: Add an XACE property access handler
       xwayland: Restrict allow commit to the window manager
       xwayland: Avoid hardcoding the interface name
       xwayland: Update output nameLength
       xwayland: Use the right nameLength by default
       xwayland: Pass the correct oeffis device types
       build: Switch to meson 0.56
       xwayland: Use a helper function for fullscreen update
       xwayland: Use simpler initialization syntax
       xwayland: Use the output serial for the fixed output
       xwayland: Always create the XrandR CRTCs
       xwayland: Do not update the outputs when rootful
       xwayland: Add a function to search for xwl_output by name
       xwayland: Add an output name for fullscreen
       xwayland: Check for fullscreen on output name change
       xwayland: Check for the screen output name for fullscreen
       xwayland: Add the output name for fullscreen rootful
       glx: Call XACE hooks on the GLX buffer
       ephyr,xwayland: Use the proper private key for cursor
       xwayland: Add a -nokeymap option
       build: Use a variable for the xshmfence version
       build: Xwayland with GLAMOR requires libxshmfence
       xwayland: Move dmabuf code to its own source file
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the EGLStream backend
       xwayland/glamor: Add a GLAMOR GBM header
       xwayland/glamor: Drop xwl_glamor_gbm_init_wl_registry()
       xwayland/glamor: Drop xwl_glamor_gbm_has_wl_interfaces()
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the init_egl() hook.
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the init_screen() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the get_wl_buffer_for_pixmap() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the check_flip() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the get_main_device() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the create_pixmap_for_window() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the backend_flags
       xwayland/glamor: Make xwl_glamor_init_gbm() return its status
       xwayland/glamor: Remove the flag "is_available"
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the post_damage() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the allow_commit() hook
       xwayland/glamor: Make xwl_glamor_has_wl_interfaces() private
       xwayland/glamor: Remove the backend pointers
       xwayland/glamor: Drop init_backend() and select_backend()
       xwayland/glamor: Remove the xwl_egl_backend structure
       xwayland/glamor: Drop the backend_flags definition
       xwayland/glamor: Drop xwl_screen_get_main_dev()
       xwayland/glamor: Drop xwl_glamor_needs_buffer_flush()
       xwayland/glamor: Drop xwl_glamor_needs_n_buffering()
       xwayland: Drop xwl_window_buffers_get_pixmap()
       xwayland: Add the Exec key to the desktop file
       xwayland: Use full path for Xwayland exec
       xwayland: Use "-decorate" if available
       xwayland: Move the leave kbd/ptr code
       xwayland: Introduce xwl_screen_lost_focus()
       xwayland: Update lost focus on deactivation
       xwayland: Use double for screen size
       xwayland: Store the mode width/height
       xwayland: Introduce output scale
       xwayland: Use CRTC transforms
       xwayland: Track output scales
       xwayland: Add scale factor to the Xwayland screen
       xwayland: Account for the scale factor
       xwayland: Rename scale_x/y to viewport_scale_x/y
       xwayland: Always set the viewport scale factor
       xwayland: Apply the viewport's scale_x/y to all input
       xwayland: Make has_viewport_enabled private
       xwayland: Keep track of outputs per window
       xwayland: Update the scale based on enter/leave events
       xwayland: Update the global screen scale
       xwayland: Rename xwl_window_enable_viewport()
       build: Bump wayland-protocols requirement to 1.31
       xwayland: Add support for fractional scale protocol
       xwayland: Add helper function for fractional scaling
       xwayland: Use fractional scale with rootful
       render: Avoid possible double-free in ProcRenderAddGlyphs()
       Revert "xwayland/glamor: Avoid implicit redirection with depth 32 parent windows"
       xwayland: Walk the regions' boxes
       Bump version to
       Bump version to

Pedro Montes Alcalde (1):
       AutoRepeat: Fix wrong repeat rate being applied

Peter Grehan (1):
       Fix build on FreeBSD/PowerPC architecture.

Peter Hutterer (42):
       Xi/randr: fix handling of PropModeAppend/Prepend
       mi: reset the PointerWindows reference on screen switch
       dix: clean up the GestureInfoRec on device close
       xkb: free the filters
       randr: avoid integer truncation in length check of ProcRRChange*Property
       Xi: allocate enough XkbActions for our buttons
       Xi: require a pointer and keyboard device for XIAttachToMaster
       dix: don't allow for devices with 0 axes
       dix: use valuator_mask_free() to free the last touches vmask
       test: fix various leaks in the tests
       test: fix the xtest device test to show the dependency
       test: fix the touch tests to no longer leak
       dix: factor out the duplicate the RemoveDevice code paths
       Two whitespace fixes
       test: speed up the XISelectEvents test
       meson.build: re-enable the protocol unit tests
       test: drop the unncessary unit_defines from meson.build
       xwayland: override the XTest sendEventsProc for all devices
       dix: initialize the XTest sendEventsProc for all devices
       Clean up the .gitignore file
       dix: allocate enough space for logical button maps
       dix: Allocate sufficient xEvents for our DeviceStateNotify
       dix: fix DeviceStateNotify event calculation
       Xi: when creating a new ButtonClass, set the number of buttons
       Xi: flush hierarchy events after adding/removing master devices
       dix: when disabling a master, float disabled slaved devices too
       dix: fix valuator copy/paste error in the DeviceStateNotify event
       test: switch the unit tests to something resembling a test suite
       test: make wrapping a function more generic
       test: switch the remaining wrapped functions to use the macros
       test: specify non-negative log verbosity for the siglogging test
       test: use a dbg() macro for the test output
       Revert "include: move BUG_*() macros to separate header"
       CI: use MESON_BUILDDIR for the build directory
       CI: switch to the meson-build.sh helper script
       CI: switch the mingw cross-compile job to use the meson build script too
       CI: replace the dist script with invocations of the meson-build script
       Revert "Fix missing includes of <errno.h>"
       CI: add a driver build stage to check for header breakage
       CI: Only run the driver build job on Xorg changes
       render: fix refcounting of glyphs during ProcRenderAddGlyphs
       test: fix the xi2 protocol swapping tests to actually work

Sam James (2):
       Switch to libbsd-overlay
       meson: add option for systemd_notify

Simon Ser (3):
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: use Bool for true/false fields
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: make wl_drm optional
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: simplify render node check

Sultan Alsawaf (1):
       modesetting: Enable TearFree by default

Thomas Zimmermann (1):
       xf86: Accept devices with the kernel's ofdrm driver

Twaik Yont (1):
       xvfb: Use RROutputSetPhysicalSize to set physical size of display

Ville Syrjälä (4):
       modesetting: unflip before any setcrtc() calls
       modesetting: Use a more optimal hw cursor size
       modesetting: Don't feed stack garbage to the kernel in LUT reserved fields
       glamor: Enable dmabuf_capable by default on Intel hardware

Wanli Niu (1):
       dix: Fix segfault if CreateGC() failed in XaceHook()

Warren Togami (1):
       xwayland: Ensure pointer for gestures has buttons

Willem Jan Palenstijn (1):
       mi: fix rounding issues around zero in miPointerSetPosition

Xaver Hugl (1):
       xwayland: add workaround for drivers that don't support impicit sync

Yuriy Vasilev (2):
       glamor: xv: add rgba32 format
       glamor: xv: add rgb565

Yusuf Khan (1):
       hw/xfree86: fix NULL pointer refrence to mode name

Zoltán Böszörményi (1):
       Use log lines prefixed with human readable time

msizanoen1 (1):
       glamor: Use render node for glamor device path where possible

xurui (2):
       modesetting: Check the return value of the drmGetVersion
       xwayland: Use do-while loop

git tag: xwayland-

SHA256: 0f25bd90238452210ef874cb34aabc117715acf7d22ddce077a12c0d05426cb0  xwayland-
SHA512: a2e2c294b61130e96bf7ff2e484b3c57e9559e504758158c933ee293f4d57f8a3a16b06dccdac1c72601496b5de2973896a95ec95053be8e5b0ba37573969229  xwayland-
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xwayland-
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