[ANNOUNCE] xwayland (aka Xwayland 23.2.0 rc1)

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Wed Jul 19 16:02:32 UTC 2023

As per the schedule, I am pleased to announce the first release candidate
of the standalone Xwayland 23.2.0 release (Xwayland 23.2.0 rc1).

Some notable changes since Xwayland 23.1 include:

   - Optional support for emulated input by using libEI for XTEST,
   - Support for wp-tearing-control-v1,
   - Xwayland rootful is now resizable with libdecor.

Testing of this release candidate would be greatly appreciated.

Please report any issues at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/-/issues

The second release candidate is scheduled in two weeks from now.

The following shortlogs include all changes since the xwayland-23.1 branch
was first created, not all of those changes are relevant to Xwayland though:

Aaron Dill (1):
       logind: call SetType on the logind session

Alan Coopersmith (3):
       Remove "All rights reserved" from Oracle copyright notices
       gitlab CI: add workflow rules
       Add a .mailmap file to canonicalize author names and emails

Alessandro Bono (1):
       ddxLoad: Check XDG_RUNTIME_DIR before fallback to /tmp/

Austin Shafer (2):
       Add DRM platform for BSD
       Add libdrm 2.4.109 requirement

Benno Schulenberg (1):
       xkbUtils: use existing symbol names instead of deleted deprecated ones

Florian Weimer (1):
       fb: Declare wfbFinishScreenInit, wfbScreenInit for !FB_ACCESS_WRAPPER

Izumi Tsutsui (1):
       Revert "fb: Remove even/odd tile slow-pathing"

Jessica Clarke (4):
       xwayland: Avoid gratuitous round trip through event_id
       xwayland: Pass vblank pointer itself to xwl_present_flip
       xwayland: Stop relying on event_id being a valid pointer
       xwayland: Stop using event address as event_id

Jonas Ådahl (6):
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: Only use modifier gbm API if explicit
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: Initialize explicit buffer params in helper
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: Use helper for implicit buffer params too
       xwayland/glamor: Track if a xwl_pixmap uses explicit modifiers
       xwayland/window: Move set-allow functions lower down
       xwayland/window: Queue damage after commits are allowed

Joshua Ashton (1):
       glamor: Don't glFlush/ctx switch unless any work has been performed

Michel Dänzer (25):
       xwayland: Refactor xwl_present_for_each_frame_callback helper
       xwayland: Prevent nested xwl_present_for_each_frame_callback calls
       xwayland/glamor/gbm: Use EGL_NO_CONTEXT with EGL_NATIVE_PIXMAP_KHR
       glamor: Remove unused transfer functions
       glamor: Make program APIs take DrawablePtrs instead of PixmapPtrs
       glamor: Take DrawablePtr instead of PixmapPtr in up/download_boxes
       glamor: Eliminate glamor_fini_pixmap
       glamor: glamor_prep_pixmap_box → glamor_prep_drawable_box
       glamor: Fix up alpha channel if needed in glamor_upload_boxes
       glamor: Use DrawablePtr in struct copy_args
       composite: Free cs->implicitRedirectExceptions in compCloseScreen
       composite: Expose CompositeIsImplicitRedirectException
       xwayland/glamor: Require equal pixmap depths in xwl_glamor_check_flip
       xwayland/glamor: Avoid implicit redirection with depth 32 parent windows
       Drop Xquartz DDX
       Drop Xnest DDX
       Drop Xwin DDX and x86 MinGW-w64 cross build
       Drop Xorg DDX
       Drop Xephyr / kdrive DDX
       Drop config directory
       Drop EXA code
       Drop miext/shadow directory
       meson: Build Xwayland unconditionally
       Don't install Xvfb
       meson: Change project name to xwayland

Olivier Fourdan (31):
       xwayland: Include <sys/type.h> where needed
       xwayland: Use MAP_PRIVATE for keymaps
       xwayland: Fix uninitialised value created by a stack allocation
       test: Use either wayland-info or weston-info
       composite: Fix use-after-free of the COW
       xwayland: Use a dedicated feedback callback for windows
       xwayland: Check for scanout support in tranches
       xwayland: Check for implicit scanout availability
       xwayland: Add a direct hook to create pixmaps with glamor
       xwayland: Add create_pixmap_for_window() to GBM backend
       xwayland: Create scanout capable BO with the fallback path
       xwayland: Try the Xwayland glamor hook to create pixmaps
       xwayland: Recycle buffers when dmabuf feedback changes
       xwayland: Make Wayland logs non-fatal
       glamor: Fix build without GBM
       xwayland: Fix build without GBM
       xwayland: Add xwl_glamor_get_drawable_modifiers_and_scanout()
       xwayland: Use the new API to set scanout
       xwayland: Do not round non-standard modes
       xwayland: Use our CVT function for fixed mode as well
       xwayland: Fix spelling of modeinfo in function name
       xwayland: Keep the CVT timings for non-standard modes
       input: Add new hook DeviceSendEventsProc for XTEST
       xwayland: Fallback to plain XTEST if EI does not work
       xwayland: Make xwl_randr_add_modes_fixed() public API
       xwayland: Make Xwayland rootful resizable
       Xwayland: Do not mark decorate as experimental
       xwayland: Use sensible defaults for rootful size
       Bump version to
       Revert "xwayland/glamor: Avoid implicit redirection with depth 32 parent windows"
       Bump version to

Peter Hutterer (2):
       dix: fix wheel emulation lockup when a negative increment is set
       xwayland: Add XTEST support using EIS

Russell Chou (1):
       xwayland: Clean up drm lease when terminating. #946

Simon Ser (6):
       xwayland: fix error path when modifier is not supported
       xwayland: don't fall back to wl_drm with explicit modifier
       xwayland: use drmDevice to compare DRM devices
       Allow disabling the SHAPE extension at runtime
       xwayland: use gbm_bo_create_with_modifiers2()
       build: set _GNU_SOURCE when checking for SO_PEERCRED

Sultan Alsawaf (11):
       modesetting: Remove redundant GLAMOR_HAS_GBM #ifdef from ms_do_pageflip
       modesetting: Pass reference CRTC pointer to ms_do_pageflip
       modesetting: Pass CRTC pointer to TearFree flip handlers
       modesetting: Fix memory leak on ms_do_pageflip error
       modesetting: Improve TearFree state check in ms_present_check_flip
       modesetting: Introduce ms_tearfree_is_active_on_crtc helper
       modesetting: Ensure vblank events always run in sequential order
       modesetting: Support accurate DRI presentation timing with TearFree
       present: Prevent double vblank enqueue on error when TearFree is used
       present: Fix inaccurate PresentCompleteNotify timing for TearFree
       present: Document the TearFree flip reasons in PresentFlipReason

Tamura Dai (1):
       Xephyr: fix tiny memleak in KdParseKeyboard().

Xaver Hugl (5):
       Update the CI to provide wayland-protocols 1.30
       require wayland-protocols 1.30
       Update CI to xorgproto 2023.2
       present: add support for PresentOptionAsyncMayTear
       xwayland: add support for wp-tearing-control-v1

Yao Wei (1):
       dix: Force update LEDs after device state update in EnableDevice

git tag: xwayland-

SHA256: 14876da46eb99c119ba0c178d4e61663d14e2f50c7a7fd5d1e28def83b26e101  xwayland-
SHA512: a7c64da4050c935c2d31f6069ad9c3090ee11ad5215e03e620cf72344506488194906d9755436fa846fd8b38397f0e54a4766a9c3fb09388549414f805561322  xwayland-
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/xserver/xwayland-
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