Use "-masterfd" with "DRM Lease Manager"

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Wed Nov 17 16:50:35 UTC 2021

I am trying to build a multi seat with a single graphic card / gpu,
without xephyr or other nested way.

Current environment: Arch Linux, Xorg 21.1.1-3 and nouveau Geforce 6200tc
(two outputs possible)

DRM Lease Manager (;a=blob;;h=84af0a7e7cb6ea57199186f51c2247f0a87b3092;hb=HEAD
) can split the DRM master into multiple instances.

But when I try to start the fitrt xorg with:
Xorg -masterfd
  returns:  required argument to -masterfd not specified

Xorg -masterfd card0-vga1
Xorg -masterfd /var/local/run/drm-lease-manager/card0-vga1
  returns:  unrecognized option -masterfd
Could not find what exactly xorg wants with this message.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks
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