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Sun Nov 14 00:52:34 UTC 2021


                            Patch #370 - 2021/11/13

     * add  -a,  -c  and -d options to to improve test for
     * expanded  discussion  of  maximum  graphics  geometry in
       (suggested by Bon Wong).
     * corrected parameter symbol for DECCARA and DECRARA in to
       indicate  that  multiple  parameters  may be used (report by Thomas
     * add several test/demo scripts.
     * improve DECCOLM, DECLRMM and DECALN referring to pseudo-code in DEC
     * amend a change in patch #348 which caused left/right margin mode to
       be  reset  when  resizing  the terminal window (report by Valentine
     * fix a misnamed macro-parameter (patch by Rajeev V. Pillai).
     * fix spacing of wideFont when its width is not exactly twice as wide
       as the normal font (report by Rajeev V. Pillai).
     * suppress loading of italic font in a few places when colorITmode is
       enabled (report/analysis by Rajeev V. Pillai).
     * modify XTSMGRAPHICS to return failure status if the terminal is not
       configured  to  support  the  corresponding  ReGIS or SIXEL feature
       (report by Nick Black, notcurses #2252, notcurses #2257).
     * modify  DECERA  and  DECFRA  to  erase  corresponding area in SIXEL
       graphics  (patch  by  Nick  Black, notcurses #1740, vt340test #16).
       Also modify DECSERA.
     * equate  visuals  for  TrueColor  and  DirectColor  (patch  by Denis
     * correct  computation  for  pixel  value  of rgb when using depth 16
       (report by Denis Kaganovich).
     * correct   wrapping  of  VT100-style  double-sized  characters  when
       configured  for  Unicode  wide-characters  (report  by  Luis Javier
     * updated default value for sixelScrolling resource to match expected
       behavior  versus  DECSDM  change  in  patch  #369  (report by Grant

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