Why does X11 generate an extra SHIFT when I press Shift+KP_1 ?

Sreyan Chakravarty sreyan32 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 11:11:55 UTC 2020

When I press

Shift+KP_1 why am I getting an extra Shift in my *xev *output ?

50  Shift_L
87  KP_1
50  Shift_L

I am running *xev *in the following format:

xev | awk -F'[ )]+' '/^KeyPress/ { a[NR+2] } NR in a { printf "%-3s
%s\n", $5, $8 }'

This is messing with my i3 configs. *Where is the extra Shift coming
from *? I have disabled
autorepeat and I still get the same output. (*xset r off*)
*Keyboard Layout: English US Default
OS: Manjaro i3wm
Why is this happening?

Sreyan Chakravarty
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