ANN: xterm-353

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Feb 2 02:06:43 UTC 2020


                            Patch #353 - 2020/02/01

     * amend  change  in  patch #352 for button-events to fix a case where
       some  followup  events were not processed soon enough (report/patch
       by Jimmy Aguilar Mena).
     * handle  MappingNotify  X  event, to improve recovery when switching
       keyboard  configurations using xkbcomp (prompted by discussion with
       Frank  Mosch,  Debian  #661295).  There  is  more work needed here,
       possibly in the X libraries.
     * improve  discussion  of mouse-mode in (suggested by Igor
       van den Hoven).
     * further  improve  checks  for  Xft  max-advance-width  to take into
       account  fonts  which use two cells for ambiguous width characters.
       Also  improve  the  time  used  for  these  checks (reports by Yuri
       Pankov, Frank Mosch).
     * fix  a  few  spelling  errors reported by codespell (report by Jens
     * modify  to  prefer development version of ncurses since
       changes  to  terminfo  file  in  patch  #345 rely upon bug-fixes in
       ncurses (prompted by discussion with Will Senn).

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