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Mon Apr 27 00:26:41 UTC 2020


                            Patch #354 - 2020/04/26

     * work   around   performance   problems   of   XDrawImageString  and
       XDrawImageString16 functions (Debian #954845).
     * add  a  control  sequence  which  reports xterm's version (patch by
       Nicholas Marriott, mintty #881).
     * temporarily  set  numeric  locale  category  to  "C"  when  parsing
       resources,  so that scaleHeight and faceSize settings do not depend
       on locale (Debian #820803).
     * improve  DA/DA2 response by ensuring that the decTerminalID maps to
       one of the known identifiers, as well as providing DA2 response for
       VT241 and VT382.
     * terminfo improvements:
          + add  (my)  comments  from  ncurses  which  explain  the keypad
          + add vt52+keypad from ncurses
          + use improved xm example for xterm+x11mouse, xterm+sm+1006 from
            ncurses 6.2 terminfo.src
     * two  fixes  for  left/right  wheel  mouse  event  reporting (Debian
          + filter identical button-events
          + correct  order of button-range versus protocol type (see patch
     * change “make check” makefile-rule to use test-drivers for charclass
       and wcwidth data.
     * quiet “did not find a usable xxx TrueType font” warnings by making
       fontWarnings apply to these messages (report by Jim Rees).
     * improve  reinitialization  of  parameter  list  (report/testcase by
       James Holderness).
     * temporarily  set numeric locale category to "C" when formatting SVG
       or  XHTML  screendumps,  to  make  the  radix separator used in RGB
       values consistent (adapted from patch by George Kouryachy).
     * add  resource  forceXftHeight  to  control  whether workaround from
       Debian #880407 is used.
     * apply  updated  ascent/descent in workaround from Debian #880407 to
       fix  a  1-pixel  gap in built-in vertical lines (report/testcase by
       Stefan Assman).
     * improve round-off of scaling for built-in line-drawing (prompted by
       discussion with Stefan Assman).
     * adjust fonts in svg-icon files to accommodate reduced functionality
       of new pango (report/analysis by YOKOTA Hiroshi).
     * improve configure check for X Toolkit library.
     * correct    Y-coordinate   transformation   in   ClearCurBackground,
       overlooked  in  changes  for  patch  #334 (report/analysis by Chuck
     * remove  --vendor  option  from  test-packages'  install  of desktop
       files; the feature is badly broken in gnome-shell.
     * modify  uxterm  to  make  it  possible to select nonstandard locale
       C.UTF-8, e.g, if the user's locale is set to “C” (Debian #940626).
     * re-save/tweak “.svg” icon-files to work around breakage in toolset
       since the files were created in patch #283.

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