Lost sliding windows w/ DVI Syncmaster monitor

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 3 01:18:33 UTC 2020

> I made 3 OS & hardware combinations deliver panning as expected with a condensed
> and consolidated version of your xorg.conf.d/ files relevant to video
> configuration. I found nothing in them relevant to KP+ or KP-, which didn't work
> for me for any of the three. The Kubuntu is a version match for your kernel,
> 4.4.x, and Server, 1.18.4:

OK, well, I do note a few things that raise questions...

...vga=791 video=1024x768 at 60 3 nouveau.modeset=0...

the vga= implies framebuffers, video= for VESA driver.  I don't use framebuffers, straight VESA all the way.  I did try booting with video=1024x768.  No joy.

nouveau.modeset=0 is equivalent to nomodeset?  If you're using the VESA driver that does nothing, right?  Tried that, no joy.

...openSUSE/Trinity...Note the complete absence of modelines in xorg.conf. They are an anachronism.

Good tests, separating OS from DE, but...

I don't use a DE, just fluxbox.  It makes my environment very much simpler.  I do make xfce--have I mentioned this 32-bit version of POD is intended to run on ANY i686 HW I may want to throw at it (no panning on the 64-bit version either!)--and XFCE behaves differently.  (I'm not trying to debug THAT yet--one bug at a time!)  I think your DEs are giving you an different environment than I have.  Have you got fluxbox on those distros?  Get panning with those?

...Note the complete absence of modelines in xorg.conf. They are an anachronism.

OK, I took those out.  I use them because some video cards & monitors leave me with a wide "front porch", but for a test...  No joy.

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