ANN: xterm-351

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Nov 18 01:57:42 UTC 2019


                            Patch #351 - 2019/11/17

     * correct  logic  in property_to_string for deciding when to fallback
       from  UTF-8  decoding  to ISO-8859-1 decoding, broken in xterm #350
       (FreeBSD #241961).
     * add -report-icons to help-message.
     * improved autoconf macros:
          + CF_ADD_LIBS:  the  change to filter out duplicates caused this
            to append rather than prepend. revise to fix that.
          + CF_GCC_VERSION and CF_GCC_WARNINGS: move checks to distinguish
            icc/clang   from   gcc   from  the  macro  which  handles  the
            --enable-warnings  option,  to make this work without-warnings
            for the inline-checks.
     * update config.guess, config.sub
     * correct  status  in  XTGETXRES  replies  when  the resource was not
     * fix some gcc, cppcheck, clang and coverity warnings.
     * guard call to RequestResize from the struct-notify event handler to
       prevent recursion in the Xft+buffered workaround in some cases when
       doing  manual  resizing  rather  than resizing via escape sequences
       (reports by Stefan Assman, Mike Thornburg).
     * amend the workaround for Xft+buffered blanking by moving the switch
       to  bitmap-fonts to account for differences in font metrics between
       bitmap- and TrueType-fonts (report by Stefan Assmann).
     * improve  the  note  on  the  xterm-rep  terminfo entry (prompted by
       discussion with Sven Joachim).

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