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Pete Wright pete at
Wed Jan 30 19:57:41 UTC 2019

On 1/30/19 5:41 AM, Glenn Travis wrote:
> I have converted an old iMac (late 2013) into a strict freeBSD machine.  Therefore, before I start doing more research on setting it up, will xorg even work on it?
> Thank you

I believe Xorg should work on this hardware.  We've recently done quite 
a bit of work getting our DRM drivers in sync with Linux. Please check 
out the recently updated wiki here:

I would suggest first installing the "drm-kmod" and following the 
instructions to see if works on your end.  If that fails, uninstall 
"drm-kmod" and install "drm-legacy-kmod" which includes older DRM code 
that may work better on your hardware.

Also, freebsd-x11 at is a good mailing list to join.

Hope this helps!

Pete Wright
pete at

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