Help needed hacking Xorg: x axis mirroring

qwerjkl qwerjkl at
Fri Aug 16 01:43:25 UTC 2019


I've been trying to hack X to mirror an output on axis, such that the left and right halves of the screen show the same thing.

My patch is attached to this email. The plan is to create a pixmap with half width and use it as a buffer for all dix operations, then copy it to another pixmap that is mapped to the front_bo in the dispatch loop.

But it didn't work, for no apparent reason. Only the left of the screen is showing the client while the other halve is black. To my suprise, the same result was produced even when I commented out the call to copy to the left halve of the screen.

I'd be very glad if anyone have an idea about what I missed.

Thanks you.
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