X will not start on a Thinkpad 240 using neomagic

Alex Bowden alex.bowden at outlook.com
Wed Jan 24 01:12:18 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have a Thinkpad 240 with a Neomagic NM2160 and I keep having an issue
with the neomagic driver. I think I have narrowed it down to the kernel
refusing to mmap the framebuffer. I created a program called testneo.c
to attempt to use pci_device_map_range to access the framebuffer but
it always returns 22 (Invalid argument).

[root at tpad ~]# ./testneo
neomagic nm2160 found
phys_base: 0xfd000000 phys_len: 0x01000000
attempt pci_device_map_range of 2MB (0x200000) // from neo_driver.c
pci_device_map_range: Invalid argument

I went through gdb and it does not seem to be previously mapped, so I
think the error is coming from the kernel (4.14.13).

Using the vesa driver does seem to work. I also tried 'nomodeset' on the
kernel command-line.

Is there something I am missing? KMS/DRI/vgaarb?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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