Screen Tearing On Haswell Intel Chip With Modesetting Driver

TheXzoron thexzoron at
Wed Jan 17 04:58:38 UTC 2018

Hello I don't know how to use mailing lists so please forgive me if I 
goof this up.

I don't know what my problem is specific to but basically no matter what 
backend I use with compton I get screen tearing. Without compton there's 
also tearing and I'm not aware of a switch like tearfree with the Intel 
driver that exists in modesetting if there is one. I tried using the 
Intel driver but it puts both of my monitors on top of each other and 
changing it with arandr results in putting the virtual display way above 
what is on the screen and basically requires an xorg restart to fix.

Of note is that Firefox when hardware accelerated does not tear while 
everything else does

My system is running Void Linux x86_64 musl

If my problem is better answered elsewhere please direct me to the place.

Thank You


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