ANN: xterm-341

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Tue Dec 25 01:49:48 UTC 2018


                            Patch #341 - 2018/12/24

     * add  options to mouse-codes script to demonstrate that the encoding
       used for mouse events limits button numbers to 11.
     * allow  mouse  button  numbers  up  to 11 using an offset of 128 for
       button  numbers  8-11  rather  than  the  offset  of  64  used  for
       wheel-mouse, etc., buttons 4-7 in patch #338 (adapted from patch by
       Martin Hostettler).
     * correct  off-by-one  right-margin checks for double-width character
       adjustments in DECERA/DECFRA (patch by by Martin Hostettler).
     * allocated  size  of selection buffer was not reset when freeing the
       buffer in patch #338 (report/analysis by Stefan Assmann).
     * modify  the  initial pattern passed to fontconfig to disallow color
       bitmap fonts.
     * improve  error  recovery  for  a  case where fontconfig ignores the
       requested  pattern due to override in the user's font configuration
       (report/testcase by Stefan Assmann).

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