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Mon Dec 10 01:39:29 UTC 2018


                            Patch #338 - 2018/12/09

     * ignore  $TERMINFO  in  the  configure  script  if  it  is  set to a
       non-directory value.
     * updated configure macros:
          + CF_WITH_PCRE2,  modified  to work with Debian's (mis-numbered)
            pcre3 package.
          + CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS , report preprocessor options in CFLAGS
          + CF_LD_RPATH_OPT , suppress check if --disable-rpath option was
          + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, add case for midnightbsd
     * update config.guess, config.sub
     * add  a  check  to  ensure  that  the  filename  parameter passed to
       XpmReadFileToPixmap  is  actually  a file, since that function does
       not check (report by Ben Nott).
     * amend  solution  for  Debian  #758633  to  ensure  that replies for
       bracketed  paste  are  not  sent  while  processing a selection for
       exec-formatted (Debian #913237).
     * improve adjustments/clearing for double-width characters in DECERA,
     * improve adjustments/clearing for double-width characters when doing
       vertical  scrolling  within  left/right  margins  (patch  by Martin
     * modify  wcwidth  to encode a few spacing combining marks as regular
       combining characters.
     * change compiled-in default for saveLines to match the resource-file
       changed in patch #192 (Debian #913815).
     * change  default  faceSize  to 8.0, to simplify switching back/forth
       between  bitmap fonts and TrueType. This was originally (mis)set to
       14.0 in patch #148.
     * add  fallback  support  in  Xft  configuration  for  missing glyphs
       (prompted by discussion with Mike Burns).
     * fix  a  problem  with  using direct-colors for the background color
       when clearing/scrolling (report by Nicholas Marriott).
     * add a "sources" rule for the makefile's generated source.
     * add a short explanation in discussing the differences in
       error-recovery   for   malformed   sequences  versus  unimplemented
       features,   and   amend  one  case  for  consistency  (prompted  by
       discussion with Martin Hostettler).
     * adjusted  ifdef's  so  that  the  paste64 configure option does not
       automatically enable the readline-mouse configure option.
     * revert the change which prevented concurrent ownership of different
       selection  targets,  and  instead  modify selection storage so that
       different  concurrent requests for different selection targets will
       be stored/retrieved independently (Debian #901249).
     * remove  a  check  which  prevented  returning button-codes past the
       documented  4/5 for wheel mouse, and add a script mouse-codes which
       makes  a  report  showing  the  various  mouse  codes for different
       button/modifier combinations (discussion with Přemysl Janouch).
     * improve  display  and  checksum for DEC Special Graphics by mapping
       0x5f to 0.
     * add  a  null-pointer check for table-ending in the extended-boolean
       resource-handling (report by Felix von Leitner).
     * remove stray ]'s from INSTALL-file (Larry Hynes).

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