arm64 aka rock64, x fails on stretch

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Wed Apr 25 13:22:41 UTC 2018

OK, I got it from somewhere, I'm on an xorg list too.  Now I'm posting
to 3 lists by replying.

Watch the lines with (EE) in them, those are the actual error lines.

[   331.529] (EE) modeset(G0): glamor initialization failed
[   331.742] (EE) modeset(G0): drmSetMaster failed: Invalid argument
[   331.742] (EE)
[   331.742] (EE) AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for gpu driver 0 -1
[   331.768] (EE) Server terminated with error (1). Closing log file.

The second batch of errors may be because of the first, or not, but
"Server terminated with error" is the show stopper, you just have to
figure out why.  Modeset bombed, maybe it's because of the 24 vs 32
bit difference but that seems common.

Earlier is
[   331.528] EGL_MESA_drm_image required.
[   331.529] (EE) modeset(G0): glamor initialization failed
that may be the cause.  I didn't get far trying to google the
"EGL_MESA_drm_image required."

I only see 1 (EE) in my own xorg log and that's from something that
there's no capability to do in hardware so it's done in software

On 4/25/18, Alan Corey <alan01346 at> wrote:
> Uh-oh:
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> A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
> Name: Xorg.0.log
> Type: text/x-log
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> From the x11 list.  Just get it on your clipboard and paste it.
> Xorg.logs normally have error messages, it's going to be hard to tell which
> ones to worry about.
> On Apr 25, 2018 4:04 AM, "Gene Heskett" <gheskett at> wrote:
>> On Tuesday 24 April 2018 22:24:06 Alan Corey wrote:
>> > Don't know anything about that but on a Pi at least configuration
>> > files that get replaced in upgrades end up in ~/oldconffiles
>> >
>> > And I just got Valgrind working on a pi by building from source, never
>> > seen it work before.  Source later than about June 2017 handles Linux
>> > ARM better.
>> >
>> > Do you have a video driver to suit your video output that X gets along
>> > with?  If you have a VNC server on there, is that normal?  That sort
>> > of does a mockup of X on a screen, but has its own drivers.
>> This kernel claims to have the mali video support in it.
>> >
>> > And try apropos drm about the first error.  That's Direct Rendering
>> > Manager.  Also there's an error drmSetMaster failed: Invalid argument
>> > that's related.  Seems like you should have a VESA driver or something
>> > as a backup.  I think a different kernel config might knock that out.
>> > I had a devil of a time with my hp which is nvidia.
>> >
>> > On 4/24/18, Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
>> > > But its ayufan's latest kernel,
>> > >
>> > > It makes it, after pressing enter, to a black screen with a blinking
>> > > underline curser, but doesn't start x. Both task xfce4 and just now,
>> > > LDXE have been installed.
>> And I have since come to the conclusion that it never changes to vt7. If,
>> at the point it reaches the black screen, first with a few odd blinks to
>> the cursor, which eventually settles into a 1 second steady blink, but I
>> then do something like plugging in a usb thing, the logging is spit out
>> on this screen. This includes the buttons for the wireless keyboard and
>> wireless mouse. But the keyboard/mouse aren't able to elicit any
>> response from the system.
>> At this point, I'm going to take the Xorg.0.log to the Xorg mailing list
>> for their perusal.
>> To the xorg list, this is a rockchip rock64, with 4GB of dram, and x is
>> not starting at boot time. Onboard Mali gfx just now being brought to
>> life, its been running on an fb till now.
>> > > The Xorg.0.log says no screens found. Monitor's native is 1366x768,
>> > > and at one point a week back it was running, poorly, fuzzy etc at
>> > > 1200xsomething.
>> > >
>> From the most recent reboot after installing LXDE, Xorg.0.log is
>> attached.
>> But still trying to bring up xfce4.
>> Please see the attached log, and tell me what I need next.
>> And thank you.
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>> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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