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jdd at composed on 2017-11-20 19:18 (UTC+0100):

> More close examination of my logs and googling let me think the XW in 
> the B156XW004.7 screen name is for XWGA, so 1366x768.

WXGA is 1280x800:

> too bad

> I just discovered the --scale-from 1920x1080 that seems to very well fit 
> my needs, with --panning 1920x1080

> but to makes it permanent, how can I? I tried --transform but couldn't 
> find the good parameters

In Leap I put my xrandr script in


Note that I have no Optimus, Bumblebee or laptop, so YMMV. Also my only
"1366x768" native display is actually a 1360x768 Samsung TV[1], which worked
with Xorg @1360x768 automatically the few times I tried it, and used 1920x1080
when I put that mode in an xrandr startup script. Most of the displays I use are
natively 1680x1050 or higher.

Something else you might try is an xorg.conf file that includes HorizSync,
VertRefresh and PreferredMode, from which Xorg should *automatically* generate
usable modelines. If you can't find the Horiz and Vert specs online or in a
manual, try the commands I used for the data collection below. The following
started X up @1920x1080 (though ugly) on mine:

	Section "Monitor"
		Identifier	"DefaultMonitor"
		Option		"DefaultModes"	"on"
		Option		"PreferredMode"	"1920x1080"
		VendorName	"Samsung"
		ModelName	"SAM32C450"
		HorizSync	26-68
		VertRefresh	24-75

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