Question about Xdmx GLX proxy status

Raimonds Cicans ray at
Thu Nov 2 10:44:14 UTC 2017


I started playing with Xdmx, but it crashes on any OpenGL application
(even glxinfo). So I want to ask what is Xdmx GLX proxy status? Is it
badly broken or I have hope?

Long version:
Xdmx crashes on any OpenGL application.
Tested versions: 1.19.5 and GIT
Cause: variable __glXActiveScreens is defined and used but
So on first use of this variable Xdmx segfaults
(xserver/hw/dmx/glxProxy/glxcmds.c function __glXGetVisualConfigs)
I looked also sources up to version 1.0.1, it looks problem appeared in

Raimonds Cicans

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