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Wed Jun 21 01:22:03 UTC 2017


                            Patch #330 - 2017/06/20

     * updates for ReGIS (Ross Combs):
          + remove redundant text command error check which broke T(B) and
          + retain  the  loading  alphabet  number across multiple “L”
          + add S(T) delay handler.
          + fix some color handling error messages.
          + add stubbed-out macrograph handling.
          + use  fragment_remaining()  and  fragment_consumed() instead of
            manually checking position / length in various places.
          + rename  some  local  variables  in  string  /  extent / option
          + wrap some long lines.
          + move macrograph command handling out of the top-level.
     * add a summary of the italic fonts loaded to -report-fonts option.
     * modify the font-lookup for italics to allow for “-i-” if no match
       is found with slant “-o-” (prompted by patch by Ben Wong).
     * change  default values for mkSamplePass and mkSampleSize to reflect
       generally-improved  locale  support  in  various  operating systems
       (FreeBSD #219800).
     * modify  wcwidth.c to return -1 for non-Unicode values, and adjust a
       couple  of blocks to better match assumptions about ambiguous-width
       characters  in  other  implementations.  Also  modify  wcwidth.c to
       support  configurable soft-hyphen, so there is no drawback to using
       this version rather than a system wcwidth.
     * amend  change  made  in  patch #328 for cursor-visibility to handle
       case  where  an  application  is  updating  the reverse-video state
       (FreeBSD #219800).
     * update  tables  of  combining  and  ambiguous-width  characters  in
       wcwidth.c based on Unicode 10.0.0.
     * build-fix         for        --enable-sixel-graphics        without
       --enable-regis-graphics (reports by Sven Joachim, FreeBSD #219945).

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