bitmap xclient unusable

Frédéric Baldit frederic38300 at
Thu May 12 16:16:12 UTC 2016

I am running gnome (3.14.1) on debian 8 (amd64, asus N550J) and I
cannot use X client "bitmap" to create/edit small bitmap icons.

More precisely, bitmap's window opens but mouse clicks in the right
panel (to add pixels) are ineffective (whereas everything else seems to

I noticed this bug a few years ago (2013) and submitted a debian bug,
with no help. I recently tried to contact a debian package maintainer:
he couldn't help either...

So, could anyone here at Xorg provide some help??? I strangely
(and recently) noticed the following: when logging as root in vt1 and
starting X (with startx -- :1), bitmap works!

I can give any complementary info if necessary. I would really
appreciate help!

Thank's in advance,

  Frédéric Baldit

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