Can't start KDE with 'startkde'

Fyodor fyodor at
Mon Jul 11 10:03:48 UTC 2016

I'm trying to start KDE4 with command 'DISPLAY=":0" startkde' from tty1 with X running in tty7.

It only starts when there is something in X running (urxvt). When there is no urxvt, KDE does not start (Errors:

KDE successfuly starts whith 'kdm' command, but I need it to start whith 'startkde'.

I tryed to add 'sudo chvt 7' to the beginning of /usr/bin/startkde and it works! But the scsreen blinks 6 times and I need to whait too long before KDE boot animation starts (about 30 seconds), and there are many errors in stderr of startkde
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