XPutImage not drawing "small" images

Omar Eshmawi neodampf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 18:01:39 UTC 2016

    Hey, I'm having weird problems w/ XPutImage ()
on 2 different computers w/ different graphics cards
when I put in certain values for the width,height fields
the image isn't drawn
specifically when the dimensions take up a space smaller than 4096 pixels, it won't draw
so XPutImage (<display>,<drawable>,<gc>,<ximg>,0,0,0,0,64,64) works
XPutImage (<display>,<drawable>,<gc>,<ximg>,0,0,0,0,32,32) doesn't
or any of these also don't work (width,height) -> (32,65) (66,30) (63,63)
however, (32,128) would work
so am I using the function wrong b/c I haven't seen anyone else have this problem through internet search.
I'm using the main window of my application for the <drawable> parameter
& I'm using DefaultGC() for my <gc> parameter

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