X Render Extension w/o Cairo or DRM

Michael Titke michael.tiedtke at o2online.de
Wed Aug 10 09:58:57 UTC 2016

Referring to this: "Building X 2D rendering acceleration with OpenGL" 
(http://www.anholt.net/papers/lca2014-2d.pdf) and that ecs-twelve 
(https://www.x.org/wiki/Development/X12/) I suggest - based on my 
"experience" up to where VSI/GIO was able to follow the "standards" of 
back then: strive for XII which already looks like twelve and eleven in 
different number systems. Means? Means strike those hooks of the ones, 
do some clean-up. The core protocol has been "essentially replaced" in 
different ways making X11 incompatible to X11 anyway. Who? Probably 
those try to sell their products or market something as open which as 
open as the woods in the wilderness.
The past sand worm approach of hacking had it's impacts on terminology 
and system "growth". It doesn't work as expected or advertised if not 
for documents as the two referred to above.

The open source community maybe never existed but hidden math gems and 
other "embracing" approaches because of the 
"this-is-mine-when-I-put-that-tag-on-it (or at least not theirs) 
attitude of privatizing and privatized ... as well as the protected by 
complexity approach may strike back tomorrow when you see that what is 
left is what is openly available and things still keep going and one 
still would have been glad ...

Is there any sense to this? There's no sense if not aesthetical sense. 
Don't make me write about system design and modelling ...

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