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Tue Aug 9 17:27:39 UTC 2016

On 08/08/2016 03:01 AM, Michael Titke wrote:
> On 05/08/2016 20:17, Matt Lauria wrote:
>> Can someone direct me where to get help tracking down a bug in X?
>> I’ve built a GUI (python3.4 using tkinter running gnome on RHEL 6.8)
>> which crashes daily with a:
>> X Error of failed request:  BadIDChoice (invalid resource ID chosen for this connection)
>>   Major opcode of failed request:  139 (RENDER)
>>   Minor opcode of failed request:  4 (RenderCreatePicture)
>>   Resource id in failed request:  0x4181254
>>   Serial number of failed request:  33776134
>>   Current serial number in output stream:  33776143
>> I’ve installed symbols/debuginfo and using gdb tried inspecting some
>> of the objects.
>> This seems similar to the bug at
>> but when I looked
>> at xid.last/xid.max I didn’t see the same issue.
>> Likely not -- the minor number corresponds to RenderCreatePicture,
>> not FreePicture.  Might have to dig into the X code to see what
>> generates BadID; owen was suggesting that it might be due due to IDs
>> getting out of sync somehow:
>> 13:03 < otaylor> vlad_: Trying to create two resources with the ID of
>> the
>>                  second less than the ID of the first would cause that
>> But I have no idea how we'd get into that situation, unless the IDs
>> wrapped around?
> Address the X powers to be: I hope the above inlined comment is just a
> bad guess and not the reality: it's very xlib centric to check for
> bigger than on the RID bits and an actual binary tree of resource IDs
> might jump around as hell (because it might produce bit reversed RIDs
> initially) without any possibility to reuse an already used ID.
> The core protocol standards are more terse on how to interpret RID
> bits and I hope one can still rely on that. Even XC-MISC would provide
> a free list which ...
> BadIDChoice for no good reason is no good choice then ...
The code for that is here:

LegalNewID(XID id, ClientPtr client)
    *void* *val;
    *int* rc;

    XID minid, maxid;

    *if* (!noPanoramiXExtension) {
        minid = client->clientAsMask | (client->index ?
                                        SERVER_BIT : SERVER_MINID);
        maxid = (clientTable[client->index].fakeID | RESOURCE_ID_MASK) + 1;
        *if* ((id >= minid) && (id <= maxid))
            *return* TRUE;
#endif                          /* PANORAMIX */
    *if* (client->clientAsMask == (id & ~RESOURCE_ID_MASK)) {
        rc = dixLookupResourceByClass(&val, id, RC_ANY, serverClient,
        *return* rc == BadValue;
    *return* FALSE;

So the possibilities for BadIDChoice from the server here (aside from
some Xinerama weirdness) are 1) XID from the wrong client's range, or 2)
XID already in use. This definitely smells like a client-side issue.

> Regards,
> Michael

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