Problems Implementing GetImage / PutImage Requests (SCA/X)

Michael Titke michael.tiedtke at
Tue Aug 2 11:02:23 UTC 2016


I'm currently developing a preliminary object orientated framework for 
Graphical Input Output (GIO) based on a concurrent native implementation 
of the X protocol in Scheme (SCA/X).

The early pixmap support fails for the /GetImage/ and /PutImage/ 
requests: /GetImage/ provokes and /undefined/ error from the X server 
where /PutImage/ always seems to result in a match error. My question to 
the experienced ones: what are the prerequisites especially for 
/PutImage/? Is it the X security extensions, the big request extension, 
the shared memory extension, the render extension or some other "magic" 
again? (Currently the only extension implemented is the X keyboard 

Maybe some extension provides better means to achieve the following task 
which serves as an example to guide development of GIO and SCA/X:
  1) a matrix of exact color vectors is converted to a pixel array 
(should equal Zpixmap) and it should be displayed in a window.
  2) X server / hardware drawing routines should be used on an image / 
pixmap which should then be retrieved to be further processed by the 
client's exact / double precision color routines or to be stored in a 
file or similar

I hope there's an easy answer similar to the case of the keyboard 
mappings where the server just didn't respond to the core protocol 
request anymore. Since the implementation of the X keyboard extension 
those mappings work and the core protocol request isn't needed anymore.

The current request arguments used are the following (/depth/ 
and/left-pad/ are hardcoded in the early prototype but do match the 
visual type and the protocol specifications):
   (xrp-put-image:set-format!         rb (byte->byte-string 2)) ; 0 
bitmap 1 xypixmap 2 zpixmap
   (xrp-put-image:set-depth!          rb (byte->byte-string 8))
   (xrp-put-image:set-left-pad!       rb (byte->byte-string 0)) ; 0 for 
zpixmap pp.55
   (xrp-put-image:set-drawable!       rb drawable)
   (xrp-put-image:set-gc!             rb gc)
   (xrp-put-image:set-dst-x!          rb (number+sign->byte-string-2 dst-x))
   (xrp-put-image:set-dst-y!          rb (number+sign->byte-string-2 dst-y))
   (xrp-put-image:set-width!          rb (number->byte-string-2 width))
   (xrp-put-image:set-height!         rb (number->byte-string-2 height))
   (xrp-put-image:set-request-length! rb (number->byte-string-2 (/ (+ rl 
(byte-string-length pad)) 4)))
   (X-request connection (byte-string-adjoin rb pixel pad) no-response)

No matter how the window, the pixmap and the graphics context are 
associated this request currently always results in a match error event.


The Viper System Interface: some sort of pure Scheme

byte strings, brass, name spaces, the Viper Object System
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