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This question has not much to do with X11 as you seem to know how to toggle acceleration in the X11 Server. The only one who can answer that is the maintainer of your ubuntu CDs or the developers of the ubuntu Install program, that is used on these CDs. I assume such things as "xforcevesa" are boot options that go to the grub boot image, or whatever boot manager is on that CD and on the layout of the ram filesystem when the system is started from CD.


Ingo Krabbe

> hi,
> i'm writing to you to ask you how to specify to X i don't want
> hardware acceleration neither 2D nor 3D ? i know the option is NoAccel
> in xorg.conf once ubuntu installée on the hard drive but which command
> to put when you want to install ubuntu 14 from cd.
> i know for exemple the command xforcevesa launch vesa driver from CD
> but which is the command for what i want ?
> i've already asked in ubuntu forum but non answer at this day.
> thanks in advance for the answer.
> Regards.
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