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Mon Jun 8 02:42:01 PDT 2015

> On Mon, 8 Jun 2015, at 03:27 PM, Ingo Krabbe wrote:
>> No, I say, you can view/change USB Properties finding the a devices
>> through USB IDs and you can view/change XINPUT Properties addressing the
>> device via xinput and it's XINPUT.ID.
> Ok, I think I understand that.
> But how do I permanently set a device to a XINPUT.ID? Can it be done
> with udev or systemd? Are there any examples, because I can't find any.

I don't think you should do that. The XINPUT Extension will map the IDs to devices during X11 Setup. When you plug in a new USB Input device, that might be found before X11 finds the device that you want to address, which again means that the ID of your device will be another one.
That's why people use the grep method to locate the IDs.

> I did find another example of someone trying to get consistent ids:
> Of course he uses the grep method, not systemd/udev.
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