5th value in xmodmap (was: ctrl-alt-2 as at (@))

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sun Jun 7 01:37:58 PDT 2015

Regarding the ayer's discussion, it pop'ed up a small question re/ xmodmap;

if I do:

$ xmodmap -pke | fgrep ' 24 ='
keycode  24 = q Q q Q at Greek_OMEGA at Greek_OMEGA

I see that the at-sign in my environment is assigned as the 5th keysym
to the keycode 24 and Alt-gr q gives @, even more Alt-gr Shift q gives
the Greek_OMEGA: ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ (perhaps you need an UTF-8 terminal to see it
correctly). So far so good. But why the man page of xmodmap(1) says:

       keycode NUMBER = KEYSYMNAME ...
               The list of keysyms is assigned to the indicated keycode (which
               may be specified in decimal, hex or octal and can be determined
               by running the xev program).  Up to eight keysyms may be
               attached to a key, however the last four are not used in any
               major X server implementation.  The first keysym is used when
               no modifier key is pressed in conjunction with this key, the
               second with Shift, the third when the Mode_switch key is used
               with this key and the fourth when both the Mode_switch and
               Shift keys are used.

i.e. it says that four last values are unused? This is on my system with
xorg-7.7 on FreeBSD 11-CURRENT.


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