how to satisfy requirements of an ancient X-client (4-plane overlay visual)

Robert Urban urban at
Fri Jun 5 15:58:10 PDT 2015


I'm struggling to satisfy the X11 requirements of an ancient application on
modern graphics hardware.

The application runs on Digital UNIX V4 and is about 20 years old. It expects
generally 8-plane pseudocolor visuals, but with one decisive exception:
It requires a 4-plane overlay visual, and will take nothing else.

My impression is that modern GPUs long since stopped offering 4-plane visuals.
Also it seems that the X-server can only offer an overlay visual if the GPU:

1) offers a corresponding visual, and
2) supports overlays.

Is this correct, or can the X-server somehow work around the lack of one or the
other capability?

Can anyone suggest a way of satisfying these ancient requirements? I don't mind
acquiring hardware, if that will help.


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