splashscreen with xorg and embedded linux query

Vikas Patil vikasmpatil at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 05:03:15 PST 2015

Dear All,

I am working on to implement the splashscreen using following target
configuration. What I have done is added the splashscreen() thread (which
will mmap the /dev/fb0 and splash image and then memcpy) and starting this
thread as the first call in main() @dix/main.c and exiting this thread
before dispatch() in main() @ dix/main.c. With this I can see the
splashscreen image however I am also seeing one very fast clear with black
and also couple of
flicker with black lines.

Could anyone give some suggestions/idea regarding How can I avoid these
clear and flicker with black?

In which cases I can see clear with black and black line artifacts?

Could any one also point me the code or sequence where I need to
look/debug? Is it possible to do this, avoid mode setting if it does while
xorg starts or something else that I don't know?

My goal is to show the splash image smoothly (no artifacts, flicker or
clear). I think here the xorg calls fbdev xddx driver from vivante corp and
also takes help from libfbdevhw.so?
I tried changing some flags, disabling some calls but no success yet. also
xddx doesn't support "-background none" option.

Target Configuration:
kernel: customized 3.10.17
SOC:    i.MX6
XORG: 1.14.4
XDDX driver: xf86-video-imxfb-vivante

Thanks for you time. Waiting for some reply.

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