Video option for a big endian machine?

lausgans at lausgans at
Wed Feb 11 00:53:01 PST 2015


I'm looking for a PCI or AGP video card that would work on a Linux port for a big endian architecture (HP PA-RISC). Unfortunately the stock video options (ATI FireGL X1 and X3) give an incredibly slow unaccelerated 2D due to failure to kickstart the command processor (radeon open source driver). Neither folks from linux-parisc@ nor from dri-devel@ camps know how to fix this.

Are there any other options that should get a good accelerated 2D or better 3D and theoretically should work on a subj (big endian byte order, looks like coherent memory and all I/O is going through IOMMU chip)? 

How about nouveau or anything else on non-x86 arch? What people are using on POWER machines for example?

Thanks much for any help!

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