black screen on startx exit

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Fri Apr 17 02:51:42 PDT 2015

Felix Miata composed on 2015-03-19 15:57 (UTC-0400):

> I first noticed this last May on rv200 and filed a Redhat bug:


> Later it happened with Nouveau NV11 and I updated that bug. has been blocking testing it with
the same system producing that comment, but I found another NV11 to put in an
Intel system and confirmed in both Tumbleweed and F22.

> Still later I noticed it happen on Cauldron on rv200:

> Last night it was happening in Tumbleweed on NV11.

> So this doesn't look like any problem specific to the distros, but I don't
> see any existing bug on either. Could this be a problem
> in something else, systemd or pam maybe? I've not seen this on Intel as old
> as 845G? Would it actually be two bugs, one against Nouveau and another
> against Radeon? Has no one else here encountered this?

See also

It seems no one anywhere wants to acknowledge this. Maybe KMS is the problem,
a question for the kernel mailing list?
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