libXpresent question

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Apr 2 09:10:32 PDT 2015


(not sure if I should send this to xorg, xorg-devel or Keith directly,
so I'm sending to xorg list copying Keith as well, I hope you don't

I was wondering, will libXpresent ever be released?

I have some code based on gtk+ (which uses Xlib) working just fine
with libXpresent but no distribution actually package libXpresent
because it's never been released (it's apparently considered as
abandonned code, I've been told, last commit being from 16 months ago)

I know support for Present has been added in XCB instead, and even
though I can use some XCB routines from Xlib directly (like
xcb_present_pixmap() in place of XPresentPixmap()),  it's a lot more
challenging for me to get the XPresent (notify) events, I can't even
get the XGenericEvent() in the Xlib event queue from a
xcb_present_select_input() (while it works just fine using


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