How to beep on MouseDown

Luke Benny s9524471+xorg at
Thu Mar 6 11:45:50 PST 2014

I am working with some touchscreen displays where I run a java application
and want to provide audible feedback on "ButtonPress" events.

One thing I tried and got pretty close with is by writing a xev like
program that does an XBell() call on specific mouse events.  This worked
great for root and xterm windows, but it turned out to not work on JAVA
Swing windows since xev does not see mouse events at all, for reasons I
don't fully understand.

I would really like to have X handle this directly and not have an external
program listen for events, maybe via a module or config option.

How can I accomplish this? Are there any tools or patches to the source
code?  Any ideas on different approaches I can take?

Thank you,
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