Behavior of double click in X Window - Motif

Girish Joglekar gjogleka at
Wed Aug 6 10:04:24 PDT 2014

I have two laptops, both with Ubuntu 12.04.4 on which I am running an
application which is based on X window, Xt and motif. It runs on both
machines except for one quirk regarding a widget on which I can double
click. On the older laptop the double click works as expected, it opens
another dialog box. On the new laptop the double click does not work.
The new laptop is a HP 15-d027cl TouchSmart Notebook. It also has a
'fancy' touch pad. Is the PC hardware some how changing the double click
behavior? I have no clue what could be the problem. Also, I do not if I
need to post this on other forums if it is not an X Window issue.
Thank you.
Girish Joglekar
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