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Tue Sep 10 18:05:43 PDT 2013

                            Patch #297 - 2013/09/10

     * modify  check  for  missing  cells  in  bitmap  font to work around
       terminus   10646   encoding,   which   is   mostly   missing,   add
       assumeAllChars resource to provide the older behavior.
     * modify  macros  used  to check for missing cells in bitmap fonts to
       pick up a long-overlooked improvement made to xfd in XFree86.
     * improve  workaround  for groff versus ASCII-equivalents; patch #185
       had  overlooked  Xft  configuration  (reported by anonymous user on
       Arch Linux forum).
     * review/extend  DECNRCM  support (prompted by report by Hayaki Saito
       asking about the two "A" codes).
          + make  pasting  of  DECNRCM data work by translating the pasted
            data into the selected encoding.
          + limit mode changes to VT220 and up.
          + ignore  SCS  for National Replacement Characters if DECNRCM is
            not set.
          + add  tables  and  logic to decode SCS controls ending with "%"
            and  one additional character. This expects the parsing of SCS
            to VT320.
          + also  added  parsing  for  SCS  of  DEC  Supplemental  and DEC
            Technical, which are for VT2xx and VT3xx respectively.
          + implement  VT220  Multinational  character  set  "GR" aka "DEC
            Supplemental Graphic".
          + DEC Technical character set based on vt100.net description.
          + implement Portuguese NRC.
          + provide  for temporarily switching to/from NRC mode from UTF-8
            mode when DECNRCM is set or reset.
     * minor  fix  to  assert's found while testing examples from ttdoda's
     * modify DECLRMM to not update the cursor position (report by Iwamoto
       Kouichi forwarded by Hayaki Saito).
     * modify  cursor-position  report  to  take  origin-mode into account
       (report by Hayaki Saito, see also iTerm2 pull request 129).
     * correct  off-by-one  comparison in when handling carriage-return at
       left margin (patch by Iwamoto Kouichi, forwarded by Hayaki Saito).
     * improve  handling  of  faceName resource when a "size=" property is
       embedded  in it, by using that size to replace the default faceSize
       resource.  This  lets  xterm  honor  the  other  faceSize resources
       (report by Jens Schweikhardt).
     * improve   OSC 52   selection-data   by  setting  its  timestamp  to
       correspond  to  the  most-recent event received by xterm, to ensure
       that  calls  to  XtOwnSelect  succeed  even  if  the  selection  is
       manipulated  solely  through  the  keyboard  (prompted  by patch by
       Richard Tollerton).
     * change   configure-script  defaults  for  "luit"  and  "wide-chars"
       options  to  match  the  values used in the imake configuration, to
       lessen user surprise if they are accustomed to building xterm using
       imake(report by Andries E Brouwer).
     * improve the imake-related configuration's check if xterm is started
       in  a  locale  that  uses  UTF-8 encoding. Before, this checked the
       locale  settings  only for "UTF-8", now it checks ignoring case for
       "UTF-8" and "UTF-8" (report by Andries E Brouwer).

Thomas E. Dickey <dickey at invisible-island.net>
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