Choosing fonts and sizes

Glynn Clements glynn at
Wed Oct 30 03:04:32 CET 2013

Steven Feil wrote:

> I have also noticed that the problem is based on the computer it is
> being displayed on and not the computer that XEmacs is being run
> on. If I run XEmacs on the new computer I get the "wrong" font when
> displaying it on the new computer. However If I run XEmacs on the new
> computer but export the display to the old computer, I see it in the
> "right" font. If I export the display the other way around where it is
> displaying on the new computer, I get the "wrong" font again.

My guess is that the font size is specified in points, and the
displays have different physical resolutions (dpi), resulting in
different font sizes in pixels.

If that's the case, you can either specify the font size in pixels (at
least, you can if you use X resources; I don't know about the
customize interface), or force the new display to the same dpi as the
old one via the -dpi option.

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