X cursor makers for GNU/Linux?

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Fri Oct 11 00:32:40 PDT 2013

I am not an expert on that matter but according to the documentation ...
you can use  xcursorgen if you are using a tool to generate png's
(like gimp, imagemagik etc).


Am 02.10.2013 03:43, schrieb David N Melik:
> Is there an X cursor maker for GNU/Linux that comes as the simplest
> standard package type, i.e Slackware package, or that compiles without
> requiring unlisted dependencies that depend on some specific
> distribution such as Debian (the most common type of problem with
> source)?
> I tried gursor or gursormaker but it either did not run on a 64-bit
> operateing system or had old dependencies that conflicted with the
> current ones on Slackware 14.
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